Grade 7 Walking Trip to Askews!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

So far, the weather forecast looks good for Tuesday, October 16th. If it is, in fact, decent weather, we will go on a walking trip to Askews! We regularly have P.E. during this block, so we will count this toward our daily exercise. If the weather is too rainy, we may just stay at school and use the gym. Please feel free to send some change along in case your child would like to pick up a healthy snack at Askews. This is totally up to you! 🙂

Thanks again for sending in your permission forms! We hope to get out for some exercise every so often.

Mrs. W


Planners/ Agendas

Just a friendly reminder to please sign your child’s planner/agenda every day.

We do planner checks each day.


Mrs. W

Ancient Egypt Presentation Schedule

The kids are wrapping up their Ancient Egypt projects and I’m so excited to see what they’ve come up with! After this week, students will not be given any more class time to work on their projects. Parents, please feel free to assist at home, as needed. Students, please come prepared on your presentation day!

Here is a schedule of presentation dates:

  • September 24: Cheyenne
  • September 25: Silas and Mikah, Becky
  • September 26: Jonathan and Jake, Ella
  • September 27: Marko and Seth, Ava and Nicole
  • October 1: Chrismene and Sarah, Levi and Nathan
  • October 2: Blake and Eric, Tianna and Vanessa
  • October 3: Cruise, Aaron
  • October 9: Chase and Reid, Cassidy



Spelling List

Every Wednesday, students will get a list of words to practice for a “spelling quiz” that will take place the following Wednesday. The lists will be made up of commonly misspelled words, words that Grade 7 students should start to know, as well as words that will be used in novel studies and other areas of the curriculum (Social Studies, etc.). This will be a comprehensive program aimed at building vocabulary and understanding as well as spelling skills. Thus, students will be asked to spell the words and use them in sentences and/or define the words for their spelling quizzes.

Here is the new spelling list for this week:

  1. abbreviation
  2. accurate
  3. you’re
  4. your
  5. its
  6. it’s
  7. unfortunately
  8. friend
  9. friendly
  10. Pharaoh
  11. adventurous
  12. patient

Welcome to Grade 7!

This year, we have an awesome group of Grade 7s! It has been great to start to get to know the students! They’ve proven to be thoughtful, hard-working and eager to learn! God has given each of them so many great qualities and together, we make an awesome team!