Spelling List

Every Wednesday, students will get a list of words to practice for a “spelling quiz” that will take place the following Wednesday. The lists will be made up of commonly misspelled words, words that Grade 7 students should start to know, as well as words that will be used in novel studies and other areas of the curriculum (Social Studies, etc.). This will be a comprehensive program aimed at building vocabulary and understanding as well as spelling skills. Thus, students will be asked to spell the words and use them in sentences and/or define the words for their spelling quizzes.

Here is the new spelling list for this week:

  1. abbreviation
  2. accurate
  3. you’re
  4. your
  5. its
  6. it’s
  7. unfortunately
  8. friend
  9. friendly
  10. Pharaoh
  11. adventurous
  12. patient

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