Some more inspiration…

Here’s a little inspiration. Anyone can create Art! I love the story of this sweet girl, who found her voice through painting. Sadly, she was overlooked, until a loving family found her and helped her to express her wonderful gift! The look of sheer joy on her face, covered in paint as she relishes in the freedom of creativity is totally inspiring! Vibrant, optimistic colours spill onto her canvases. I’ve always had a soft spot for this kind of art- bright, happy, free, totally wild and unfettered! You can check her out on Instagram, if you like. Here are a few pics to show you a snapshot of her work as well as a short description of her story. Here’s one of God’s beautiful creations, standing next to some fabulous creations of her own! AF8A4280-A683-401B-8888-7249844FE854D606C633-928F-4F21-B072-BA75529F9A29EE36A176-4F4C-4E42-B2FF-95FD0D80C85517C78A29-6A00-4F67-BC1E-ACD9CF6FB2C4D6322091-5770-4EEB-B8CE-F6C1B255A5ED1F7B7E68-1163-433C-94BF-8014C90092A8


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