Online Learning May 4th- 8th

Hi Grade 7s,

It’s MAY!! Yay!!

There are some holidays this week. “May the Fourth Be With You” (I think that one is for the Star Wars fans out there?). Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a Mexican holiday, kind of like an Independence Day. So you should probably make Mexican food or order some Mexican take out! HOLA!

I hope you guys are doing well and still having fun! I am praying for you and missing you!

PS/ Remember to do 30 minutes of DPA each day! It’s supposed to be a beautiful, sunny week, so make sure you enjoy it!

Mrs. Wiebe


  1. Read “Rules”, Chapters 9 and 10.
  2. Complete the activities that go with these chapters, found in your “Rules” package. These do not need to be handed in, just make sure you know your stuff for the comprehension quiz!

3. Please complete this Rules Reading Comprehension Quiz (below) and send me your answers.


Please watch this short devo:

(same password as usual)

Here is a copy of the pages from the devo  book: BA440B8B-2D7B-490E-A73E-90CFFBDBD4C3BEBB5C11-81BA-48C6-912A-6ACFC6F7EFF1


  1. In your “Learning Package” (the one that was sent home with your bag full of locker/desk stuff), there is a page that has letters from Plebeians, etc. It looks like this.


Please read each letter and use your inferring skills to answer the questions below each letter. You can take a photo of these and send them to me.

2. Please also watch the video clips below:


  1. Please watch these video clips. They will explain to you how to write Cinquain Poetry!

2. Then,  please complete the Cinquain Poem sheet in your Learning Package. It looks like this:


**You don’t need to hand these in.

Zoom Meeting at 11:00 am. Here is the link to join:

Meeting ID: 851 6560 8747
Password: 7777


For your next project, you will be designing your own Food Truck Business!! This week, I want you to do some brainstorming. Look on the internet to find some examples of different kinds of food trucks. When I lived in Vancouver, they had a cool one called “Japadog”. You could buy hotdogs and top them with Wasabi and all sorts of fun things! There was also a food truck that specialized in Poutine (Can you say YUMMY?!). There were tons of amazing toppings like bacon, gravy, beef jerky, green onions, caramelized onions, taco chicken, etc. Kelowna has a number of great food trucks too, including the Kelly O’Brien’s Food Truck! You may have seen them at the IPE or the Falkland Rodeo. (I can’t get enough of their Pachos!)

In your Learning Package, you will find a “Business Plan” page. It looks like this:


  1. Start to answer the questions, in point form, on a separate piece of paper or Word Doc. This is for the purpose of brainstorming and nailing down your idea.
  2. I also want you to collect a bunch of images of ideas that you like. This week, the focus will be on the exterior/design of the Food Truck. (NEXT WEEK you will collect images onto a Word Doc of menu ideas that you like!) Collect a bunch of images and put them onto a Word Doc. If you have access to Pinterest, there are probably a lot of good ideas on there. If not, check the internet for Food Trucks in Bellingham and Seattle. I know that they have a lot of great ones!  Here are some exterior ideas that I like (notice that they’re mostly pink and or turquoise- shocker, right?!) 43E757B0-C5D2-4CCF-9057-2017F5355C57

** Don’t hand this in yet, but hang onto it. This is a project, so you will hand everything in at the end. I’ll give you a checklist when it’s time.

Have fun!! 🙂

3. Bible: Call a friend, read this passage together and answer the discussion questions together. (The sheet below will guide your discussion).



For Art today, you will learn about Roy Lichtenstien!

Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent American pop artist who loved to create Art in the style of old fashioned comic strips as a subject matter.

  1. Go to this website to learn more about Roy Lichtenstein:

2. Then, make your own Art!


A. Start by lightly sketching your face with a pencil. Remember, the eyes go in the middle of the head, not up near the top! (You can draw someone else, if you want. You can even draw your dog or your pet if you like!)

B.Trace all the lines with a black Sharpie marker.

C. Fill in the dots with the desired pencil crayon colors. This may take some time, but neatly colored dots will make a successful picture. Also add some light background shading of each color.

D. Using the Sharpie marker again, add some thick lines wherever you think shadows may happen, as shown by image on the right. Be sure to leave some of the lines thin so you have variety.

**You don’t need to hand this in now, but here’s what you should do: Start a Word Doc and save it under the title “yournameart” (mine would be called mrswiebeart). Take a photo of your finished art for this assignment, paste it into this Word Doc and save it. Each week, take a photo of your finished Art assignment, paste it into the Doc and save it again. At the end, you should have a bunch of Art that you can hand in all at once!

Here’s a sample:

lichtenstein sample


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