Online Art for June

Hi Art Students,

I hope you’re doing well! I’ve really appreciated looking at the Artwork that you’ve sent in! Thanks for going with the flow and continuing to create in this time of distance learning!

Here is your next assignment. As you know, I like to give options, so please choose either Option A or Option B (That said, if you’d like to do both and receive bonus marks, feel free!)

Please hand your assignment in by June 11th. Your June sketchbook items will also be due on June 11th.  Please make sure that you hand them in on time, as report cards will come out shortly after!

Option A: Doodling with Lines and Symbols



Option B: Create (and photograph) an Art History- inspired portrait! See this article for ideas:

(Warning: some of the examples in the article are a little bit much/ a little weird! Sorry!)

Here are some samples: 41BB1F71-32B4-42C6-A2AF-9E683C8BB47B30B96BED-03B1-41B5-86D2-FC7374A0DB14C4EAAA19-48ED-442C-86EB-AE9F463B878D

This has potential to be pretty funny!! Make sure you take time to put together costumes and practice your poses. I suggest taking a few photos. Then you can send in the best one! Be sure to include a photo of the original work of Art that inspired you, so that I can compare. Try to make your image as similar as possible. As a bonus, you could take a historical image an “modernize it” (like the samples below).


You may choose any reference photo, just make sure it’s modest! Have fun!

Mrs. Wiebe


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