Ancient Egypt Research Projects!

Hi Parents of Grade 7 Students,

Here are copies of the rubrics for the Ancient Egypt Research projects as well as some other important information, to make sure that students are on track.

Most students have finished their Powerpoint Presentations or Posters as well as their Reference Lists. (If they haven’t, they should be completing these at home as we have moved on.)

Students are currently working on their 3D models. They should be coming prepared each class, with ideas and supplies to make their models awesome! 🙂

The next item to work on will be Student Handouts/Activities (one per project. Here are some examples that students have done in the past: Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Quizzes, Crafts, Games/Challenges, Makeup/Fashion Competitions, Jeopardy-style activities, etc.)

Please see the presentation dates and the rubric below.

*Please note that extensions will not be available is report cards will come out shortly after.

Thanks for your time,

Mrs. Wiebe

Presentation Dates:

Thursday, November 26th:

-Jesse and Noah


-Eva and Jenna

-Asher and Ben

Monday, November 30th:

-Arryan and Ezra

-Brianna and McKenzie

-Gracie and Liberty



Tuesday, December 1st:

-Wyatt and Jack

-Bobbi and Madison


-Carson and Jared

-Regan and Levi


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