Juxtaposition Art Lesson

“Juxtaposition Art” is basically putting two things together that clash/contrast/don’t really make sense and/or make the viewer think and/or communicate a message!

Please click on each of the following links and watch these video clips/ presentations. These will help you to better understand the concept of Juxtaposition in Art! (Then… keep scrolling down for some samples and instructions.)

Here are some samples of Juxtaposition Art!

For your project… you will be combining a background and a sea creature!

First, choose a sea creature that you love! Think about one that has beautiful colours or texture. You will be drawing this as realistically as you can. Later, you can choose your media. You can complete it in watercolour, acrylic paint or pencil crayon. You will need to pick a contrasting background. It could be funny or awkward or something that makes a statement! It should communicate a message to your viewers. I will show you my sample next class. This class, you will aim to complete TWO draft designs. If you have time after that, you can start on your good copy drawing of your sea creature. For your background… I will show you a few options. You can paint or colour your background, OR you can do an image-transfer (I will teach you how to do this process next class). .


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