Topics for Ancient Greek Research Projects

Hi Parents and Students,

Here is a list of the topics that students have chosen for their Ancient Greece Research Projects:

  1. Food- Bobbi
  2. Rulers/ Government – Ezra
  3. Art/Music/Culture/Feasts- Liberty
  4. Religious beliefs/ gods- Katie
  5. Myths- Madison
  6. Fashion/Makeup- Brianna
  7. Housing- Jesse
  8. Economy/ Farming- Levi
  9. Wars/ Weapons- Nicholas
  10. Athens- Jack and Easton
  11. Alexander the Great- Myles
  12. Sparta- Asher
  13. Historical Figures/ Philosophers- Wyatt
  14. Paul’s journeys/ Missionary work in the Ancient Greek times- Gracie
  15. Animals of Ancient Greece- Eva and Jenna
  16. Transportation- Noah
  17. Geography/ Land/ Locations- Regan
  18. Olympics- Owen
  19. Meteora- Ben
  20. Troy/ Trojan War- Jared
  21. Architecture- McKenzie and Genevieve
  22. Alexander the Great- Carson
  23. Greek Medicine- Arryan

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